Ishq-e-Ilahi Ke Samaraat (Fruits of the Love for Allah) View full size

Ishq-e-Ilahi Ke Samaraat (Fruits of the Love for Allah)



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Shaykh Zulfiqar explains the essential need of the heart to love either someone or something and the different reasons for that love, highlighting that the heart should love only Allah because all other loves are finite and will die with this world. He takes us through a beautiful description of Paradise and the luxuries that the inhabitants will enjoy, culminating in the ultimate joy of looking upon the Creator. The shaykh beautifully illustrates various examples of the intense love that the righteous predecessors had for Allah and the sacrifices they made for their Beloved. Man is indebted to Allah for his very existence and so the heart should love only Allah and not the creation that likewise owes its existence to Him.
CD128 - Approx. Length 63 minutes.

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