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Khasheyat-e-Ilahi (Fear of Allah)



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Easily one of the most important, and perhaps most ignored, topics among 
modern Muslims, Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad explains the undeniable realities of the Station [Maqam] of Fear. The Shaykh explains that all of creation is in awe of the Creator, including every element of the natural world. It is only human beings who sometimes fail to fear their Lord\"\" out of foolishness, ignorance and impetuousness. The Shaykh explains the three levels of fear that exist among Allah\'s\"\" human slaves, including: (1) the Station of Fear of the Common People; (2) the Station of Fear of the Righteous; and (3) the Station of Fear of the Knowers of Allah\"\". This talk is also replete with inspirational stories of the Righteous Predecessors.
CD 102 - Approx. Length 74 minutes.

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